Holiday Gift Ideas for RV Owners

Festive music on the radio, winter weather blowing in, and that ever present hint of pumpkin spice in the air – yes, it’s that holiday time of year again! And if your holiday shopping list has RV enthusiasts on it, our team is here to help with gift ideas for RV owners of all kinds. With thoughtful practicality in mind, the best gifts for RV travelers are often those that show a real understanding and appreciation of their on-the-road lifestyle with gifts that elevate the RV experience. We’ve broken down our holiday gift guide by RV lifestyle to help you find a present perfect for every RVer on your list.

For the Holiday Host

Is the RV owner on your holiday gift list someone who loves to host? Do they revel in the warmth of holiday get-togethers with family and friends? Are they someone who can always be found in the kitchen whipping up another delicious expression of their love? If so, gift ideas for this type of RV owner might center around helping them to make their space more hospitable for those holiday gatherings they love so much.

For RV owners who love to entertain during the holidays, gift ideas include Coleman-Mach’s series of climate control accessories, specifically the iWave-M Air Purifier – a state-of-the-art add-on that uses ion technology to purify air. It installs inside their existing Coleman-Mach AC unit to remove dust, mold spores, smoke, pet odors, cooking smells, allergens, and a range of pathogens for more breathable interior spaces. Or go all out with your gift giving with a new range or cooktop for your favorite holiday chef. Suburban has a range of ranges that make cooking in an RV easier with more residential style features and advanced cooking technology.

For the Family Coach

Give the gift of better sleep to the family traveler with blackout upgrades to their RV window shades. Light blocking shades help create more sleep-inducing atmospheres (especially in the afternoon for naptime), and they provide the privacy and peace of mind needed for restful slumber. In addition to blocking light, room-darkening shades make a great motorhome gift idea because they help regulate the overall energy efficiency of a coach by insulating windows. So, with one present you can give the gift of both energy savings and better sleeping conditions, and there isn’t a family out there that won’t appreciate that.

If the RV owner on your holiday shopping list has pleated RV shades, consider easy-to-wrap Darkout Kits from United Shade. This small kit comes with everything they’ll need to transform their RV pleated shades into blackout treatments. MCD Innovations also has industry leading night shades if you’re looking to treat that RV family on your holiday shopping list to new light-blocking window treatments. Additionally, MCD shades are available in day-night treatments for round the clock light control with UV and heat resistant properties.

For the DIY Enthusiast

If you’re looking for gift ideas for RV owners that are hands on, look for practical products they’re guaranteed to use on their coach. Afterall, what good is a gift if it’s never going to be used. Look for universally usable RV items like new maintenance products or add-ons to standard RV features which will take what the DIY enthusiast loves about their RV lifestyle and elevate it.

Everyone that has installed or fixed external elements on an RV has come across butyl tape. Now Dicor makes a gunnable alternative to butyl tape, Dicor Butyl Rubber Sealant, to make the repair process easier and quicker so they can spend their holiday season getting on to yet another DIY project. Maxxshades make another practical but appreciated gift idea for RV owners because the shade works on standard 14″ by 14″ rooftop powered fans (Maxxshade Plus) or vents (Maxxshade) to add light control and UV protection to an almost universal ventilation feature on most RVs.

For the Tech-Savvy Traveler

Gift ideas for RV owners who are more tech-savvy will include modern upgrades for their existing RV components or new components that bring with them the latest in advanced features. The focus of gifts for tech-savvy travelers is all about using modern technology to make their RV lifestyle easier and more enjoyable. So, think about things that may annoy them about their coach’s current set-up and look for products that address that need with technological ingenuity.

One of the biggest complaints many RV owners have about their rig is their outdated window shades. Afterall, window shades play a key role in privacy, lighting, energy efficiency, and the design aesthetic of their coach, and they’re something that RV owners use every single day. Splurge this holiday season on your favorite RV owner with the gift of motorize shades. MCD Innovations custom makes their powered RV roller shades to perfectly fit any make or model of RV. You can also check out RV accessories as gifts like the Smart Control Center from Coleman-Mach. This innovative add-on allows RV owners to use their favorite smart residential thermostat in their RV for the ultimate in easy access. Plus, it installs hassle-free into their existing Coleman-Mach AC unit.

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