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Maximizing Your RV Kitchen

Breakfast, lunch and dinner; at least 3 times a day RV owners find themselves in the kitchen if not more. It’s one of the most consistently used rooms in an RV, and for some a big headache if cooking spaces aren’t optimized. Updating your RV kitchen to maximize efficiency means evaluating the usefulness of your individual cooking appliances, taking into account the set-up of the entire galley, and thinking realistically about your cooking style in order to identify ways to improve the kitchen environment for your RV specifically.

Induction cooktops to maximize energy efficiency.

Unlike inefficient metal coil elements, induction cooktops use powerful magnetic fields to generate heat in a very focused manner. The magnetic field interacts with ferrous based cookware only when and where the cookware meets the cooktop surface then shuts down instantly when the cookware is removed. No power is wasted in excess heat production with tests showing induction to be 75% more energy efficient than electric coil cooktops.

Additional counterspace for extended cooking surfaces.

Far too few RV owners need to deal with the issue of too much counterspace in their RV kitchen. The reality is that in most RV galleys counterspace is like the best camping space at the campground - at a premium and always in demand. So, though it might not seem like that big of an upgrade, selecting an RV range with a built-in cover will make a big impact. Afterall, a 22-inch range with a fully covered cooktop could mean feet of additional countertop space in a room where inches feel like miles.

Utilizing wall space.

Since counterspace is at a premium in RV kitchens, take storage solutions vertical to make the most of every inch of kitchen space. Look for storage opportunities that hang on walls, as opposed to those that live on your countertops or in cupboards. Check out the latest options for magnetic kitchen accessories such as spice racks, knife holders, or there are even magnetic cutlery sets that keep items needed for daily living in a convenient but put away space.

Making the most of exterior spaces.

With a good awning and an outdoor galley set-up, RV owners can create a usable outdoor kitchen where the majesty of the great outdoors is the backdrop. With an outdoor kitchen set-up, RV owners get the unforgettable experience of cooking outdoors plus they keep the heat and odors that come with cooking out of their RV. Suburban makes several styles of outdoor kitchens including their newest models with griddle/sink combinations.

Better ventilation for optimal air quality.

It doesn’t matter how good the food is, if you’re eating in a stuffy, smokey, or poorly ventilated coach it’s not going to be a very pleasant dining experience. By prioritizing ventilation in the kitchen and the dining area of your RV you can create spaces it’s a pleasure to cook and dine in. Good ventilation also discourages mold or mildew growth, which you do not want in any kitchen or cooking area.

  • Rooftop Fans - Maxxfan Deluxe is the only rooftop fan on the market with a built-in rain shield meaning that whether it is sunny, raining, sleeting, or snowing you can use your fan to keep air flowing through your unit.

  • Air Purifiers – A popular upgrade for RV air conditioners is an air purifier like the iWave by Coleman-Mach that improves interior air quality by helping to control cooking or pet odors as well as killing pathogens and airborne mold, removing bacteria and virus spores, and reducing allergens.

Easy care for realistic long-term maintenance.

Admit it, the worst part of cooking in an RV is often having to do the clean up after. Opting for cooking appliances that are easy to clean and have minimal maintenance needs means more time on the road for doing what you love and less need to be constantly working to maintain your RV lifestyle. Watch the latest YouTube video from Suburban to see how easy cleaning and seasoning are for their 18-inch Elite Series Griddle, which can be used in indoor or outdoor kitchens.

If you’re ready to maximize your RV kitchen with new cooking appliances, better ventilation, or the latest in outdoor kitchens, visit the Airxcel Dealer & Service Center Locator to find outlets, dealers and service centers closest to your RV site.


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