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Never Summer Destinations to Escape the Summer Heat

Dreaming of cooler temperatures as summer approaches? Make plans to escape the heat with these never summer travel destinations in the lower 48 states. Skip the long trip to Alaska when looking for cooler destinations and explore serene national parks, majestic mountains, and chilly glaciers in the contiguous US for a cool respite from the sweltering summer sun.

Mountain Destinations

Never Summer Mountain Range, Colorado – Escape to the Never Summer Mountain Range in Colorado for a cool mountain retreat. These Rocky Mountain peaks are known for their snow-capped summits – some that stay year-round, alpine meadows, and abundant wildlife. This range offers a refreshing escape from the summer heat just under 4 hours from Denver bordering on Rocky Mountain National Park.

Mount Whitney, California – Head to Mount Whitney, the highest peak in the contiguous United States, for a chilling mountain adventure. Hiking the 14,505-foot summit is an adventure on its own, though the entire surrounding area in California boasts breathtaking views and crisp mountain air that will invigorate your senses.

Mountain Travel Tip – Take note of your RV heater’s altitude readiness to be sure it’s capable of performing at elevated heights. Some heaters can soot up at 4,000 feet (which won’t get you very high up the mountain) while others (like the Aqua-Hot Gen1 that’s high altitude ready up to 15,000 ft.) can get you anywhere in the contiguous United States.

National Parks & Forests

North Cascades National Park, Washington – Discover the rugged beauty of North Cascades National Park in Washington, known for its jagged peaks, lush forests, and pristine lakes. Enjoy cooler temperatures and stunning scenery in this part of the Pacific Northwest. It’s a short trip from North Cascades National Park to other never summer attractions in the area like Seattle, Washington or for international travelers a trip up to Vancouver and British Columbia.

Inyo National Forest, California – Uncover the cool oasis of Inyo National Forest in California, where towering trees, sparkling lakes, and snow-capped peaks await. Escape the summer heat by immersing yourself in the natural beauty of this diverse forest. California is also the state to boast the greatest number of National Parks with 9 housed within its borders.

NPS Travel Tip – To make the most of your next trip to a national park remember, these popular destinations require a great deal of preparation before the trip in order to avoid hangups during the trip. Many sites in the National Park System require reservations or permits to visit, and those can fill up fast depending on the popularity of the destination. You’ll also want to prepare for a wide range of weather conditions at different parks. To make sure you have good ventilation inside your RV no matter the conditions outside, keep rooftop fans and vents usable in any weather with Maxxair covers including the original Maxxair, the Maxxair II, or the Fannmate.


Glacier National Park, Montana – Experience the icy wonders of Glacier National Park in Montana, home to 26 glaciers, 762 lakes, and 1,583 square miles of rugged mountainscapes to explore. Visitors can also enjoy the park's over 700 miles of hiking trails and scenic drives for a cool and refreshing adventure.

Mount Rainier National Park, Washington – Visit Mount Rainier National Park in Washington for a cool escape to towering peaks, 28 major glaciers, and the iconic Mount Rainier. Enjoy cooler temperatures and breathtaking views in this alpine paradise including Sunrise Point, the highest point accessible by vehicle, with a nearly 360-degree view of the area.

Glacier Travel Tip – To stay warm at glacial destinations without having to pay for the full force of your furnace, we recommend electric wall heaters. Suburban’s 120V Wall Heater centralizes warmth to only where it’s needed within the living space so you can still enjoy the coolness of the destination without being uncomfortable within your RV interior.

Coldest States

North Dakota – Escape to North Dakota, known for its wide-open spaces, rolling prairies, and cool summer temperatures. Explore the state's natural beauty and charming small towns for a relaxing and restoring getaway. The state is also home to 1 National Park (Theodore Roosevelt), 2 National Historic Sites (Fort Union Trading Post and Knife River Indian Villages), 1 National Historic Trail (Lewis & Clark), and 1 National Scenic Trail (North Country) all under the National Park Service.

Minnesota – Discover the cool charm of Minnesota, with its sparkling lakes, dense forests, and mild summer climate with a statewide average temperature in 2023 of just 43.9° Fahrenheit. Enjoy outdoor activities like fishing, hiking, and boating in this scenic state as well as more urban attractions like the Mall of America with over 500 shops.

Cold Weather Travel Tip – The key to maintaining a comfortable interior environment during cold weather travel is insulation. It doesn’t matter how much heat you can produce if you can’t keep that heat inside your rig. Some of the greatest challenges to RV insulation, like in any home, are the windows. So be sure the largest window in your rig, the windshield, has proper coverings. MCD makes windshield shades for Class A and C motorhomes and United Shade has a new fold-and-stow cockpit shade for Class B campervans.

Cities with Cooler Summer Temperatures

Seattle, Washington – Visit Seattle, Washington, known for its mild summer temperatures, stunning waterfront views, and vibrant cultural scene. Explore the city's iconic landmarks like the Space Needle, bustling markets like Pike Place Fish Market, and lush green spaces like Green Lake Park for a cool and revitalizing urban escape.

San Jose, California – Experience the cool coastal climate of San Jose, California, with its sunny days, cool evenings, and diverse attractions. Discover the city's vibrant neighborhoods, world-class dining, and outdoor adventures for a relaxing summer getaway. Expect average temperatures in July to stay in the 60s.

Never Summer Travel Tip – For never summer destinations where you might need a little warmth when waking up and a little cooling when nodding off, nothing beats the versatility of an AC unit with an electric heating element. Coleman-Mach has an Electric Space Heater Add-On that can be retrofitted to existing air conditioners to give the unit expanded abilities to create your ideal home environment while traveling.


Embark on an exhilarating RV journey to these never summer destinations across the lower 48 states with Airxcel as your ultimate travel partner. Escape the scorching summer heat and immerse yourself in the breathtaking landscapes of these scenic havens for cold weather enthusiasts. Here's to unforgettable travels winter or summer!

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