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Springtime Checklist for Getting Your RV Ready for Travel

With spring here, it’s time to get that RV ready for the road again. Soon the long days of summer will draw you out for your next memory-making adventure, so now is the time to get your RV ready for travel. That way, when you get the itch to go, you’ll be prepared to scratch.

Springtime Checklist


    If you store your RV in winter, then springtime is when you need to start thinking about de-winterizing. Or better yet, time to get on it because before you know it the road trip season will be here, and you’ll want your RV ready for the road. De-winterizing RVs involves tasks on both the interior and exterior of your rig, and as always when performing work on your RV or RV components it’s best to follow the specific practices outlined by the manufacturer.

    For interior RV de-winterizing you need to do a visual inspection of floors, walls and windows for signs of weather or water damage from winter storage; check and if needed change air filters like those in your air conditioner; de-winterize your RV water system; and test all appliances to ensure they work especially safety equipment like smoke alarms.

    For exterior RV de-winterizing you’re also going to do a visual inspection, though it’ll be of the walls, windows and roofing; plus, you’ll need to check the tire treads and pressure, and test exterior components like rooftop ACs or awnings.

    For additional details on de-winterizing your RV check out our 2 part series Tips For RV Exterior De-Winterization and How to De-Winterize your RV Interior to learn more about the best practices for de-winterizing your RV.
    And if you’ve come to the unfortunate conclusion that last fall you didn’t properly winterize your RV water system and are now in need of a replacement water heater, Suburban’s Direct Fit Water Heater can replace Atwood and Dometic 6-gallon units without RV sidewall modifications.

    Though it’s rarely people’s favorite part of the spring season, spring cleaning is a necessary evil especially in an RV. Routine care including an annual deep clean is a key part of preventing mold build up, maintaining good air quality, and ensuring the long-lasting performance of your RV components. Always check with your manufacturer for best care practices for individual components, and stock quality, RV specific cleaning products like the RV Care Line by Dicor.

    For many RV owners, the timeframe they do annual maintenance every year is based on their purchased date. However, for RV owners that can merge their annual maintenance with their de-winterizing schedule, there are time saving benefits. Afterall, if you can count on having to work on a part every year, like you can for de-winterization and annual maintenance for a water heater, then it makes sense to do both at once if possible so you’re not turning annual work into twice annual work on the same component.

    Several parts on an RV require annual maintenance including cooking appliances, water heaters, furnaces and air conditioners. Sometimes the annual maintenance requires full unit service, sometimes it’s a simple as changing filters and cleaning. Whatever it entails however, annual maintenance is critical in ensuring optimal performance and the longevity of your RV components, so it’s never a good idea to skip it.

    To get ready for annual maintenance make sure you have the supplies needed, like an Annual Service Kit for Aqua-Hot users or Merv Replacement Air Filters for Coleman-Mach ACs, as well as instructions from the manufacturer. Airxcel has an Annual RV Maintenance Checklist as well with a step-by-step process for covering the different elements needed for proper yearly maintenance.

    With the growing popularity of RVing in the States, it behooves you to plan ahead. In fact, plan as far ahead as possible as many popular destinations, especially those in the National Parks system, fill up fast and some can be booked as far as a year in advance. Browse through our latest travel blogs to plan now for spring trips (Destinations Perfect for Spring Travel), summer road trips (Great National Park Destinations for Summer), fall destinations (Fall Road Trip Destinations), and winter travel (Unforgettable Winter Road Trips).

    If there is a component that you’re worried might go out this road trip season or that you’re hoping to upgrade this year because last year it was driving you nuts – do it now. Nothing ruins a road trip quicker than a broken-down RV and an uncomfortable group of travelers. Be proactive in your springtime duties and set your future road trips up for success by doing your upgrades before you take your rig out for the year’s first road trip.

    If you’re going somewhere hot this year like Florida, make sure your AC is ready to perform – if not replace and upgrade to new units with energy saving features like the soft start. If you’re thinking about going north to more moderate temperatures, upgrade your RV living space with a wall heater or electric heat element in your AC so you can chase away chilly mornings without having to use your furnace. And for any springtime weather you might be driving into, make sure your fans are ready to keep your coach well-ventilated with all-weather features like the built-in rain shield on the Maxxfan Deluxe.

    Another popular improvement that most any RVer can appreciate is upgrading to blackout window treatments for the ultimate in light control and privacy. And this doesn’t have to be a costly renovation with Darkout Kits from United Shade that transform existing pleated shades into blackout treatments.

So, now’s the time to get your RV ready for travel, and check back in with us next month when we have spring cleaning tips from a housekeeping expert.

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