The LAST Checklist Before Hitting the Road

The countdown is on! You’ve prepped your RV, mapped out your trip, done the plan-ahead work necessary and now you’re just counting the days until you leave. Well, before you take that last step out the door, run through our checklist to make sure that you haven’t forgotten anything important. Plus, we have some additional suggestions to make your final preparations as smooth as possible.

Make sure you have these necessities along for the trip:

  • A basic toolkit, plus Allen or hex wrenches. You’ll also want other helpful items such as flashlights, extra batteries, shovel, duct tape, zip-ties, scissors, bungee cords, rope, towels, emergency flares, matches and/or an electric lighter and more. You never know when you’ll need to improvise to make a quick fix or when one of these items might come in handy.

  • It can also be useful to have RV specific items for your kit. A tube of Dicor Lap Sealant can be useful for any unforeseen accidents or leaks that require on-the-go repairs. For those with MCD roller shades the MCD multi-tool makes a useful addition as it can be used to make any needed adjustments to your window treatments.

  • Sufficient cookware. Make sure you have things like pans, cutting boards, can opener, cooking utensils and good knives along with the basics.

  • Leveling blocks. These little things go a long way! Some appliances might not run correctly if they’re not properly leveled, plus no one likes to feel like they’re sitting or sleeping on an incline. And don’t forget your wheel chocks.

  • Extension cords for charging overnight or other needs.

  • All required medications for your family (and pets if applicable).

  • Important paperwork such as insurance and health documents. Keep these together in a safe place.

Here are some other things to plan for or do:

  • Be sure that your awning is secure before you drive.

  • Check to be sure that any exterior-mounted cargo like bikes, coolers, kayaks, etc., is secured appropriately.

  • With assistance, check headlights, taillights and turn signals to ensure they are all working correctly.

  • Confirm that all appliances are turned off and stored.

  • Clean all windows, mirrors and cameras for a clear view when you’re driving.

  • Verify that hoses, connections and valves are closed.

  • Recheck your tires. You might have already checked these during your de-winterization or annual maintenance, but they’re worth another look right before departure. Confirm tire pressure is consistent with recommendations from your specific tire manufacturer, that lug nuts are tight and that the tread and sidewalls of your tires do not show any damage.

  • Be sure that any bedding, towels, dishes or other items from the RV that you might have taken out to wash are back in the rig.

  • Arrange to cover any obligations at home. Put bills on autopay, have mail delivery held at the post office or collected by a friend or neighbor, plan ahead for any packages that might be delivered while you’re gone, ask a neighbor to mow the lawn and stow trash cans or do anything else that needs tending in your absence.

Get the whole family involved in your last-minute checklists. Just like Santa does, there are a lot of things worth checking twice before you finally set out on your journey, and with a little help you’ll be on your way that much sooner.

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