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RV Spring Cleaning Tips from a Seasoned Housekeeper

Spring cleaning isn’t just about having a neat and shiny RV. Cleaning and taking regular care of your RV and its individual parts is crucial for maintaining optimal performance and ensuring the longevity of each component and your RV overall. Proper cleaning also makes certain your vehicle’s interiors present healthy, comfortable living spaces so you can relax and enjoy the RV lifestyle worry-free. Follow along as we go through our RV spring cleaning tips with general advice from cleaning professionals plus 5 RV specific cleaning focuses you shouldn’t overlook during this year’s spring cleaning.

3 Cleaning Tips from a Seasoned Housekeeper

  1. Declutter First

    Spring cleaning really starts with de-cluttering. Often cleaning and decluttering are lumped together under the housekeeping banner, but they are truly two distinct steps. De-cluttering is focused on minimizing unnecessary clutter and reducing its chaotic mess by getting rid of or putting away items you no longer need while cleaning is really more about the physical act of cleansing household items and surfaces to remove dirt, dust, and built-up grime.

Since spring cleaning is traditionally a deep clean, it needs to start with a deep decluttering. Pull everything out of your RV and organize it. This will allow an easier deep clean since you won’t have to work around items, and it allows you to reevaluate the need for each item in your RV. The less clutter you load back into your RV after spring cleaning, the less you’ll have to deal with during normal routine cleaning – i.e., faster and easier future cleans.

  1. Start at the Top 

    When it comes to cleaning an RV one of the most important things to think about is gravity. Because like everything else, dust and dirt fall. So, there is no use wiping off your kitchen counter only to then clean the vent above it and watch dust float down and stick to your now not so clean countertops. Save time by cleaning smartly. Start at the top and work towards the bottom; a process that works for both interior and exterior cleaning on an RV.
  2. Play Music

    Nobody likes cleaning. However, the reality of owning an RV is that you don’t have to like it, but you do have to do it; at least if you want your RV and its components to last. And while we can’t make cleaning fun, we can recommend you crank up the tunes while cleaning as music has a way of making things better. Check out our Cleaning the Coach playlist on Spotify for music to motivate you during spring cleaning this year.

5 Special Cleaning Focuses for RVs

  1. Mold

    Mold can be an issue anywhere in an RV where there is water. That includes exterior components that are exposed to the elements like your roof as well as interior areas connected to your coach’s water system like the kitchen and bathroom. That is why it is so important to include these areas in your yearly spring clean. Dicor provides easy to follow instructions on cleaning RV roofs through their YouTube channel as well as a Mold & Mildew Remover that attacks mold and mildew stains on RV roof membranes, bathroom tile, grout, showers and vinyl curtains. Mold is also the reason it’s important to immediately address any leaks discovered during spring cleaning and replace your RV water heater if it can no longer perform.

  2. Pests

    Vermin like mice and insects of all species pose a real threat to RVs, especially during winter storage. Cleaning, including a deep spring clean and regular housekeeping, is one of the best ways to keep critters out of your RV. Afterall, when pests come on board, most often they’re drawn to food. Scouring your RV of this attractant will help deter pests from taking up residence. And since pests can quickly destroy your RV by chewing or digging through vital parts, spring cleaning that removes what draws them will help to save you the hassle and cost of repairs.

  3. Air Quality

    To keep the air inside your RV clean it’s important to regularly change out the air filters in RV components like air conditioners. Coleman-Mach experts recommend replacing your AC air filter every 90 days of use to ensure optimal performance. This helps to keep your interior spaces cleaner with breathable, safe air. There are also upgrades for your Coleman-Mach air conditioner that will help keep air cleaner in the long run like the iWave-M Air Purifier that employs the same cutting-edge ion technology used in hospitals and schools to remove dust, mold spores, smoke, pet smells, cooking odors, allergens, and a range of pathogens for cleaner air on an ongoing basis.

  4. Component Specific Cleaning

    Many RV components are highly specialized for the recreational vehicle market. So, though you may have a refrigerator or a water heater at home, the cleaning and maintenance for those components on an RV are going to be different. It’s important to always follow the manufacturer instructions for the best cleaning practices and critical safety precautions (especially for all gas appliances). Suburban, for example, has an easy-to-follow, how to video on Cleaning and Seasoning Your Suburban Griddle, and a thorough scrubbing of your galley and kitchen appliances should definitely be part of your RV spring cleaning routine.

There are also online communities where RV enthusiasts and RV experts come together for the betterment of the overall RV experience for all. These digital RV groups can be wonderful sources of both expert information and peer-to-peer advice to help you avoid common pitfalls in RVing such as missing a key step during de-winterizing or using the wrong type of care product for spring cleaning and accidentally damaging your RV. The Airxcel family of brands hosts the Adventure Club connecting those that travel with our products onboard to industry experts for technical support, lifestyle information, and travel trends in the RV community.

  1. RV Cleaning Products & Brushes

    The right tools will make spring cleaning remarkably easier. Cleaning products specifically formulated for RVs and RV cleaning brushes designed for the contours of an RV will certainly help owners clean their coach quicker, with less effort, and without destroying the unique components found on an RV such as the roofing materials. Dicor’s RV Care Line features 5 concentrated cleaners (Awning Cleaner, Black streak Remover, Bug & Tar Remover, Exterior Wash, and Mold & Mildew Remover) plus 3 RV cleaning brush heads that all work on Dicor’s 9 ft. telescopic extension pole with garden hose connection. Don’t make spring cleaning harder than it has to be with subpar cleaners or brushes not designed for the unique build of an RV.

The summer road trip season will be soon upon us! Get ready now by pulling that RV out for a good spring clean, and check out our last blog, Springtime Checklist For Getting Your RV Ready For Travel, for what you need to do in addition to spring cleaning to make sure you’re prepared to hit the road.

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